How does traveling affect our brain?

Our brain

As you may know, our brain is an amazing organ. Among other things, it allows us to control all functions of the body and it interprets information from the outside world. Many things such as our intelligence, memory, and emotions are controlled by the brain. All our experiences affect our brain in one way or another, and traveling is one of them. Do you know how does traveling affect our brain? Let’s discover it.


Those who like traveling know the numerous benefits it has. Firstly, it forces you to be more open-minded and to accept differences. Moreover, it boosts your confidence as you have to overcome many obstacles and face difficult situations alone. Also, traveling can disconnect you from your daily life and clear your mind from all the worries you normally have. It can help you to change your point of view and acquire more abilities in order to solve your problems. Finally, it can make you understand yourself more, and be able to know what you really want and which path you really want to follow.

How does traveling affect your brain?

Paul Nussbaum, a neuroscientist from Pittsburg University claims that traveling can stimulate your brain and encourage the growth of new connections within cerebral matter. With new experiences, new dendrites are generated in the brain. The functions of dendrites are to receive, process, and transfer information, so they are very important in information transfer between neurons. Therefore, the greater your number of functioning dendrites is, the better your brain will perform.

Benefits to your brain

Traveling improves your brain functioning in many ways. It helps to maintain cognitive functions such as attention and memory. Also, it makes your problem-solving abilities improve and helps in your brain’s overall health.

Did you know that traveling was so beneficial to your brain? As we are facing a global pandemic, traveling is not an option right now, but we can consider changing our habits or trying new hobbies and looking for new interests. Also, of course, consider traveling as soon as we recover from this nightmare! We need to take care of your brain and our mental health, now more than ever. We need to support each other and help one another through this tough time.