¿How does uncertainty affect us?

After three months of lockdown, we are finally getting to know what is this “new reality” about. Now, we rarely see anyone walking in the street without their mask on. Neither do we see people entering shops without disinfecting their hands first. Also, although we wish it wasn’t this way, we think it twice before hugging our parents or grandparents. We are getting used to this new normality. Nothing seems secure anymore and everything changes constantly without warning. How does uncertainty affect us?

What causes uncertainty?

For many people, it has been proved that uncertainty causes anxiety, fear and apathy. As many of you may know, humans like to control everything. Therefore, we need to know what is coming next in order to feel calm. There are a lot of people who suffer from anxiety when they can’t control a situation or when they feel something bad can happen. Frustration is another common feeling. In a situation such as the one we are living with coronavirus, we can’t do nothing but wait and for many people this is really frustrating. How does uncertainty affect us? Well, it alters our mental balance and, consequently, it affects our physical wellbeing too.

How does uncertainty affect us and how to endure it?

There are several strategies we can use to endure this situation maintaining our health and tranquility. It is obvious that it isn’t an easy situation. For instance, a lot of people have lost their jobs and they suffer economically. In order to overcome this situation, it is crucial to believe in a better future. Little by little the economy will recover and we will all take up our lives. Humans have overcome many crises, this will be just another one.

In order to avoid the negative effects of uncertainty, it is very important to avoid an overload of information. Sometimes more information means stress and believing information which isn’t even real. It is important not to believe all the information we receive. Try focusing on other things and don’t monopolize your conversations with coronavirus. Try disconnecting and you will see how your worry is reduced.

Be positive

Another important advice is concentrating on all the resources you have. Try not being so alarmist and do an effort to see the good in this situation. You can learn something positive about every situation and this one isn’t an exception.

Don’t forget to do exercise as it is a basic element in selfcare and you need it now more than ever. Through exercise you can generate spaces in which you disconnect from everything and we concentrate in our body and sensations. Therefore, it allows you to treat this situation from a more positive viewpoint.

Last, but not least, it is important to keep your friends and family close. By doing this, you ensure a mental wellbeing and we boost our positive energy. We have been isolated during a long period of time, so it is perfectly normal to need human contact. Don’t doubt asking for psychological help if you find it necessary.

How does uncertainty affect us? Well, there is no doubt that we are at a critical point in history. We must remember that everything has an end. Therefore, this too shall pass. Don’t lose your faith and keep working towards a better future. We must be responsible and try to improve the situation.
¿Cómo nos afecta la incertidumbre? No hay dudas de que estamos en un momento crítico que será recordado en la posteridad. Pero todo tiene un final, como todas las catástrofes que han tenido lugar durante nuestra existencia. No debemos perder los ánimos y sobretodo, debemos ser muy conscientes y responsables para no empeorar la situación.